Emeril Lagasse visits Quantum House – BAM!

Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse visits Quantum House

Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse


A little over a month ago, my dear friend and fellow Leadership Palm Beach County (Class of 2010) classmate Robi Jurney asked me if I could help her with an upcoming project and of course I immediately obliged. Robi is the Executive DIrector of Quantum House, a hospitality house that helps children and families while they are having medical procedures performed at nearby hospitals. She told me Chef Emeril Lagasse would be visiting Quantum House.


When Robi asked if I could take some behind the scenes photos of celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse while he filmed a new show he was making for The Cooking Channel, I figured it was icing on the cake (pun intended.)


I had met Emeril Lagasse one time before, while working as an intern in New York for Wenner Media in 1998. This was when the Food Network was fairly new and Emeril came in to our offices and cooked an unbelievable breakfast spread. To this day, I have at least six of his books and have cooked a lot of his recipes at home. BAM!



When Emeril’s crew arrived, it was their third location of the day. Lots of moving parts to this film crew including producers, grip, lighting etc. Chef Jeff Simms from The Breakers was cooking up a surprise for one of the families who was from Portugal and Emeril would present it to them as he is of Portugese decent. The family hadn’t had food from their native country in months so this was a truly a fun and very delicious surprise.


Emeril Legasse visits Quantum House


I heard somewhere that Emeril liked to play the drums and at one point in his life made the choice to attend culinary school over going to a music school. I picked up a couple pair of drumsticks as a gift Quantum House could present to him and he seemed to enjoy the uniqueness of the gift.



When his team arrived, I asked if I could take a quick portrait of him after shooting wrapped and they obliged. As it was the third location on a very busy day, I knew I had to have everything set up and ready for a quick shot. I prepped everything in one of the model rooms and took photos of the staff and the chefs before hand with a giant 4 foot  fork (as seen in the image above.) These folks were working and tired but were very generous with their time.  When we entered the room, I knew we would only have a couple of minutes so I snapped quickly, thanked them repeatedly and have a nice image we’ll all remember about the day. Emeril was so nice to accommodate everyone and even more gracious to allow me to take his portrait. Thanks so much to Mr. Emeril Lagasse and everyone on their team.


Below are some more images from the shoot and be sure to check out Emeril’s Florida on The Cooking Channel . To learn more about Quantum House and the great things they are doing to help needy families click on the orange link.



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