Danny Clinch

As a creative person or someone simply trying to exist/grow/survive in a creative world, we all have those we look up to. For me, that list has grown over the years however Danny Clinch is right up there near the top.

As someone who loves music and the people behind it, Danny Clinch is someone who is as embraced in the culture as any person alive. If you don’t know who Danny Clinch is, do yourself a favor and look him up. His iconic imagery is part of the music historical record.

I was fortunate to meet and shadow Danny for a few hours this year at Bonnaroo and I’m better for it. Knowing a little bit about being a photographer, I wasn’t expecting to hear too many things I didn’t expect. I did however hear him explain a lot of things to the people with us that I’ve tried to live my creative life by.

Be nice, work hard, have fun and occasionally get lucky seemed to be working for him just like it’s been working for me. Thanks Danny for spending the time with me and for the continual inspiration for all of us.

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Danny Clinch-0714
Danny Clinch-0454
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